Monday, June 27, 2011

Transformers Sideswipe Kit Review and Build Instructions

Sideswipe is the most recent Transformers kit to come out of Sold as "Lambor LP640 Kit" this kit is the mold used for the Transformers CHUG Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, RedAlert, BotCon's G2 Breakdown, TFCC Punch/CounterPunch, BotCon G2 Sideswipe, and TFCon R.E.V. Included in the kit is the four different heads used by the toys, all of the different accessories, three guns, and a clear and clear red set for the windows. Between those you can build the toy however you want. Unlike last time there is an actual box and (after asking on the forums) they left all of the parts on the plastic tree just like a normal model kit (and no missing, duplicate or incorrect parts!). Originally the set was going to be sold in nine different colors, but only 50-100 black kits were sold as the manufacturing mold broke in the factory in China. I ordered two sets as soon as they were put up for sale and was one of the lucky few. Just like with the previous kits there were no instructions so here are some instructions on how to build the toy. Click on any image to view a high resolution version.


A few of the parts became loose in shipment. I tried matching them all up with where they belong for the photos.

A closeup of the four different heads with Punch/Counterpunch in both "modes". I am selling off my extra heads (and a few other things on tfw2005.

There is actually two clear roof tops (so you can have the lightbar or not) just like with the red set, but I didn't photograph it for some reason.

My two sets came with a different number of screws and pins and I don't think some of the screws were ever used so I am not sure the exact number you should have or what is extra.

Not photographed I also got a bonus deception set of stickers with my shipment, but it wasn't inside either box so I don't think it was part of the normal item, just a bonus.

First take the parts off the tree and trim off the excess plastic.

For painting lightly sand the parts you want to paint, give them a white base coat and final coat and you are all ready. There isn't a blue version of this toy so I decided to go with my interpretation of the Italian state police Lamborghini Gallardo crossed with an Energon Prowl to make CHUG Prowl. I am in no means a pro at model painting so you have to suffer through my bad paint job for the remainder or the photos. I originally was hoping to limit the amount of painting by getting several kits of different color plastics, but alas that was not to be with the mold breaking at the factory.


Here are all of the main parts you need to put the arms together. Two screws and three pins are required.

First using the small flat screw put in the door window

And screw the door/arm attachment piece. Make this tight, but not too tight as it will need to rotate.

Using two pins connect up the main part of the arm.

Put in the third pin connecting the arm to the door. Note that you want the black part at the top to face forward when in bot mode.

Repeat for the other side and the arms are now done and can be set aside while we build the legs


Almost everything you need for the legs. (Missing is the two knee ball joints that connects the top of the lower legs to the rear end, but they are included in that photo step below).

First put together the upper legs.

Be very careful with the black piece as it can go on either way, but only one way is right.

Pop the ankle ball joint into the foot

Attach the knee cap ball joint. Note you want the ball joint to point up/out.

Attach the rear wheel with a pin/screw (my pins were too small so I used screws). Note that the FAT wheels go on legs (the thin wheels go on the front/shoulders).

Connect the four main parts of the legs with screws. Note: the feet ball joint connectors are not identical and if they are on the wrong leg the foot will not be able to fully go inside the lower leg in car mode.

If you want the spoiler screw the spoiler piece to the rear end piece. I decided to skip this in my version.

Clip on the knee cap / rear end of the car

And you have a rear end of the car done!

Car Front end

The parts for the front of the car (and optionally the front of the chest in robot mode if you end up going that route).

First assemble the shoulder. Note: the ball joint is attached to the flat side.

Attach the front wheels. In the photo I show a long screw, but that wont fit, you have to use one of the normal smaller screws. Note: these wheels should be thinner than the back wheels.

Construct the hinge that will connect this piece to the body.

Place and glue the headlights in.

Attach the hinge to the front of the car with the screw

Assemble the pieces of the front of the car, holding them down with two screws. If you want you can attach the arms to the ball joints right before this point just make sure you put them on the right side.

The chest parts (Was getting excited and getting ahead of myself here so some are already together). The head choice is up to you as is the roof.

First put the crotch and leg balls together with one screw.

The heads all require one screw to put together. Here is sunstreaker's

Screw the roof connector, gear and the back together

Screw the chest together. To do this you need to place the head and car front hinge inside of the chest and then screw down the other piece with up to five screws. Getting the gear to line up takes a little bit of effort so go slow and double check before screwing it completely down.


Connect the arms and legs to the body. Note on the legs you want the crotch screw to be on the same side as the screws in the upper legs. Note placing the arms on the right side so when in car mode the doors are correct. (I got both of these wrong and had to go back and change them the first time I transformed it)

If you roof has a lightbar screw it onto the roof.

And then snap it onto the chest/back.

He comes with three guns and roof accessory. Two for the hands and one shoulder or any combo you want. I went with just two. The guns are slightly too small so you need to add a coat of glue so they are tight in the hands and on the back widen the slot so they can attach to the bottom of the car.



KO crystal Starscream kit

Various other Transformers toys that use this same mold design. From left to right:
Hasbro Sunstreaker, Hasbro Red Alert, My Prowl, Hasbro Sideswipe, BotCon 2010 G2 Breakdown, TFCon 09 R.E.V

I had an absolute blast putting this toy together. While I usually have a toy on my desk for a few days and get some fun out of it I end up working on and playing with the kit for significantly longer. While the mold might have a few minor issues compared to the real toys I know every little bit of it and have had more fun putting the kits together than any transformer I have picked up lately. The different options on how you can build it really top it off.

The biggest downside has to be the lack of instructions when dealing with the pins and screws. Unlike the Hasbro/Takara mold the screw holes are different so you can't assume a long screw in the Hasbro mold needs a long screw in the kotoys toy. Hopefully instructions like the one I just wrote will let you see where and how many pins and screws are actually needed so you can plan on where to put your pins and screws.

A big thumbs up from me on this kit and I can't wait to put together the next one.

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