Friday, January 7, 2011

KO Klear Starcream Kit Instructions

I recently bought a Transformers clear Strarscream Kit from Arriving in a bag with lots of parts and no instruction I slowly put it together and six hours later:

Having no instructions I documented as I went so others would have a little less of a hassle. You can click on all of the photos for high resolution versions.


First some basic tips I figured out the hard way
  • When putting in the screw if the plastic turns white the screw is probably the wrong size
  • Use a paperclip to thread the pieces before putting in the pins to make sure they holes line up.
  • Use your existing toy to make sure you have the right part. Parts on the left and right side may look similar, but they are just about always different.
  • Use your existing toy to find out what parts look like :)


    You get a bag of parts and a bag of screws, pins, and springs. Count them to make sure you have them all.


    First find the smallest pin and the two shown parts and insert the pin.

    With the piece grab two smaller screws, one larger screw and the round top and screw them all together to the back piece.

    like so:

    Then grab to large screws and the small double hole pieces and attach them.

    The back is now complete


    Put the cockpit together first. One large screw

    Put the cockpit together with the head and nose of the plane with two large screws. Leave them loose for when you attach it to the body.

    IGNORE THE SIZE OF THE PINS IN THE NEXT PHOTO! I did it wrong the first time and had to take them out. Looking at all your pins there should two two very small ones that don't have matches. One is very thin (and is used in the next step), you want the other one. The "other small pin" (pictured on the left) goes at the tip (right side of picture) of the plane. A normal small pin goes on the left.

    Ignore the pin on the far right of the next photo. Grab the connecting piece for the head to the nose. The thin pin goes on the right (in the middle of the photo) and a normal pin goes on the left. It was at this point I figured out I had the pin in the nose wrong and had just taken it out which is why it is in this photo.

    Connect the nose to the back of the plane (the nose should be loose so you don't have to force it) and then tighten it.


    The Flat screws go into the feet

    Later they will go inside the legs like so: (the screw keeping the foot in)

    Connect the rear wings with a pin

    Using two small screws connect the rear wings to the feet. (only one side shown, but do both of course)


    Get the upper leg (the one with a ball socket) and the piece pictured and a pin.

    Do both sides:

    Next we are going to make the block the slides inside the lower legs. Get the following parts and connect the block with one large screw to the upper legs.

    Place the upper leg inside of the lower legs in the track along with the foot and then with two large screws screw the lower leg together. The lower wings should already be attached to the feet at this point. I screwed up when I was putting them together which is why they are not in the photo.

    UPDATE: The little plastic U and little spring also go in the leg. See the end of the article for details on this mistake of mine. :)

    With a pin for each side attach the robot feet. Note: after you do this taking apart the feet is not as easy as unscrewing them.

    All put together (minus lower wings) in robot mode

    With the lower wings (later after I discovered my mistake and took everything apart and added them) in plane mode


    Connect the fist to the lower arm with a pin and connect the lower arm to the upper arm with a pin. TRIPLE check that the fist is in correctly and on the right side and the upper arm is the right one and the right direction. Setup both arms next to each other and then pin them to know you have it right and compare against your existing toy.

    With one big screw and one little screw connect the upper arm to the flap that will be pinned into the body.

    I got two left lower arms so finishing the right arm will have to wait for the replacement part.


    Two pins connect the wheel to the front of the chest. Careful! I broke part of the chest putting my pins in (right below the wheel on the right).

    Flip the chest over and attach the ball joints with a small screw for the legs


    I attached the wings at this point, but I HIGHLY recommend you skip this step and leave it for the very last step as they just get in the way and are not needed until the end.

    Attach the arms to the back using two pins.

    Attach the legs to the ball joints (this step like the wings could also come after the next one....)

    Pin the chest to the back and the small lower back piece using the long pin. The paperclip really helped here.


    Collect the gun parts with the bigger springs:

    And put them together.

    When you put these together they need to be glued.


    Or am i?

    I originally had the smaller spring and these three U parts left over.

    Thanks to Razorclaw from one of the transformer boards I found out they go into the lower leg in the block that slides. The U shaped plastic goes over the small spring (there is three in case one breaks).

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