Friday, October 29, 2010

Our first House

After years of saving, months spent looking at more than fifty houses and weeks of paperwork, today we closed on our very first house.  We are happy, excited and can't wait to move in.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This week I went to California this week and and attended GitTogether10 that was hosted at Google. It was a small conference all about Git. From hearing how companies are using it to discussing how to make Git better the discussions were varied. I got to meet a bunch of very cool developers and hear some very neat work that is going on such as bup a backup tool using git that can continuously backup huge files such as vm images without taking up huge quantities of space. There was a lot of Gerrit users there so we ended up taking our group photo in front of the Android statues:

As a thank you present Google gave out Nexus One phones and a little Android mini collectable.

Revell Big Boy Locomotive Model Kit

When I was a child I received a model train kit as a present, but as I was just a kid I never painted it or actually put it fully together. ...