Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unofficial Agricola Rule Book

Last Christmas I received as one of my presents the board game Agricola. Agricola is a good game and for a long time was the number 1 board game on It has a lot of pieces, cards, boards and a rule book. Unfortunately the rule book is pretty horrible. Using the default rule book you can't sit down with some friends and play it for the first time learning as you go (I tried twice). I ended up sitting down and playing the game by myself (there is a one player version) to figure out the rules. This isn't to say that the rules are really complicated just badly laid out. Agricola as a game is no more complicated then Puerto Rico. It is not laid out to help you setup the table the first time you play. It is not laid out to let you learn each part of the game as you are playing and lastly it is not laid out for easy reference as you are playing. So if you have never played the game you have to read the entire manual before playing the first time. Not very fun.

A while back I played the game Pandemic and the rule book for that game was absolutely fantastic (as was the game, we played four times that night). The rules where well done and easy to reference. Seeing just how well one could make a rule book I spent a few evenings and made an unofficial rule book for Agricola. Hopefully those who found the game confusing will find the instruction book useful.

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