Revell Big Boy Locomotive Model Kit

When I was a child I received a model train kit as a present, but as I was just a kid I never painted it or actually put it fully together. As a teenager I recall finding and when I tried putting it together I discovered that over the years it has lost a number of parts and tossed it out. Last christmas my wife got me a brand new train model kit, the Revell 1/87 Big Boy Locomotive Kit.   Being an adult with a child of my own I only had a few hours here and there, but little by little it came together and after a few months I finally completed the project.

It was a fun project to work on and I am glad that I was finally able to put together a model locomotive.  I took my time on the project, waiting the extra weeks for the correct paint to arrive from the UK, actually reading the instructions before doing steps, and letting each paint coat dry before working on the next. Painting the track was tedious, but the overall effect came out nice in the end.

The Revell Big Boy Locomotive instruction book had a number of errors including incorrect installation of parts, vague painting guidelines and leaving out two parts entirely*. Thanks goes out to bda-train-blog which provided a lot of tips on how to not screw up the model and the 1941 Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive #4006 walk around video of the actual locomotive that was helpful in determining how parts actually should be painted.

*The "left over" parts #10 and #101 go above the first small wheel between the cow catcher and the first cylinder.

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