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Card Game / Board game: IPO

The other week while playing around with game mechanics I came up with a little card game.  It is short (around 10 minutes) and uses pieces that many board gamers probably already have.   The mechanic that made it interesting for me was when playing cards on the table sometimes it is face up and everyone knows, but other times it is face down and only you know the value until the end.

Requires: - A standard deck of cards
- Any Dominion set (really just a bunch of sets of matching cards)

Rules: Win by collecting stock in the most valuable companies.

A company is a set of action cards from the Dominon game

The companies value is the total of the playing cards in front of the company.  Black numbers are positive, red are negative.

At the start of the game there are 1 more companies than their are players (so 2 players starts with 3 companies open) and each player gets 5 cards.

On your turn you place a card from your hand, optionally take a stock from any open company and then take anothe…