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Dreadnought is almost always the first ship you should build, here's why

The past few weekends I have been playing the board game Eclipse and this past week I wrote a battle simulator, but unlike others I have seen mine tries all possible ship part combinations to give the best combination of ship parts to defeat an enemy.  Using this took I took a look at the best moves for the beginning of the game.

At the start of the game the first battle objective is to kill single ancient (to get more/better hexes, to get more research/actions/builds….) .  It would be great to save up and built perfect ships before doing any battles, but for the majority of games you need to incrementally upgrade, fight the weakest battle first etc.  I took a close look at this situation and concluded that a dreadnought is the ship you want to build at the start of the game.  From higher percentage wins, cheaper cost, easier retreat, faster movement, and significant improvements on percentage of wins with cheap easy upgrades the dreadnought looks to be the first ship any race should …

Solar Panels 1 year in

A year ago this week we had our solar panels turned on, so its fitting to write a follow up answering the question of how well they worked.  The short answer is close to exactly as estimated, it provides the electricity we need in our house and is on track to pay for itself in under five years.

First up the raw numbers for one year of production:

The panels generated*: 5952 MWh
We used:                       5085 MWh

The most one day generation was on June 1st at 33.441 MWh
The least one day generation was on January 21st (Excluding days the power went out ) at 18Wh

Below is a screenshot of our panel generation over the course of the entire year.

As we are generating a significant amount more than we use over the past year we have picked up a few electrical appliances including an AC unit for our main floor and a small electric heater (smaller gas bill yeah!).  I expect next year our production will be more in line with our usage.

During the summer months we generate more electricity …