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How to collect valuable toys/comics/stuff cheaply

For those that collect, determining which items will become rare and valuable is desirable information.  Once an item is sold out and it gets pegged as desirable the price can skyrocket very quickly.  In my years of collecting Transformers I have noticed a predictable case of valuable/rarity: The last item in a popular line will typically become valuable.

An item becomes rare when the number that are produce was smaller than number of individuals that desired the item.  That sounds like something that should be simple to figure out, but there is a lot of randomness involved.  Just a few things to mix it up can include:

A so-so toy could become a central figure in the story/cartoon raising the status significantly.A so-so line takes off and the first run items are sought after.An unforeseeable problem at the factory resulting in a toy production run that was significantly cut back.Only one of toy X is included in a box while everything else get two (short packing).Only after most of the…