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Transformers Rodimus Kit Build Instructions

I got a preview copy of the Transformers Rodimus Kit from The copy I got was the clear version. It is also available in clear black, clear red, black, and white. Like previous kits this didn't some with instructions so I tool some photos and notes as I went.


The tree's came in a plain white box. I am not sure if the final product with have artwork or not, but that isn't as important as what is in the box.


Included in the box is three trees of parts, a bag of parts and you should also find some stickers (it wasn't ready when mine was shipped)

This tree wasn't completely clear, but had a very slightly pink tint to it. I would expect that the final version will be all clear.

My bag of screws was missing some parts. The final version might contain a spring for the gun and some more screws (I used screws from my sideswipe for now).

Putting it together:

Getting the easiest thing out of the way collect the five parts (and…

Solar Panel Installation

After deciding to get solar panels a few months ago we then had to wait six weeks for the Mass rebate to get approved. In that reguard signing the paperwork was a bit anti-climatic, but once it was approved work began on our roof and before long we were producing power.

Throughout the process I took photos to catalog the install.

The first day the installers mounted the beams that the panels would be attached to.
And the next day they mounted the micro inverters to the beams and ran the initial wire connecting them up. Rather than having one central inverter our system had a micro inverter attached to each panel. The big advantage is that if one panel gets some shade or goes down it doesn't take down everything it is connected to.

On following Monday morning an eighteen wheeler delivered a palette containing our 30 Schüco 185 watt solar panels to our house.

Over the course of the day they first tested each panel and then installed most of them up on our two roofs.

The las…