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Transformers Sideswipe Kit Review and Build Instructions

Sideswipe is the most recent Transformers kit to come out of Sold as "Lambor LP640 Kit" this kit is the mold used for the Transformers CHUG Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, RedAlert, BotCon's G2 Breakdown, TFCC Punch/CounterPunch, BotCon G2 Sideswipe, and TFCon R.E.V. Included in the kit is the four different heads used by the toys, all of the different accessories, three guns, and a clear and clear red set for the windows. Between those you can build the toy however you want. Unlike last time there is an actual box and (after asking on the forums) they left all of the parts on the plastic tree just like a normal model kit (and no missing, duplicate or incorrect parts!). Originally the set was going to be sold in nine different colors, but only 50-100 black kits were sold as the manufacturing mold broke in the factory in China. I ordered two sets as soon as they were put up for sale and was one of the lucky few. Just like with the previous kits there were no in…