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Last December I signed up for the online access to Considering they review everything it is only fitting to review the site. The basic service you would expect would be to search for a product, compare and read reviews. On every level the site fails.

Just recently I wanted to buy an LED light bulb. Having read consumer reports articles on led bulbs I figure they would have some reviews. Searching for "light bulbs" or "led bulb" or other variations produced pointless results. Having to guess where they are in the "appliances" menu you can click the "view all" option, but that only brings you to a page that shows you some categories each of which you have to click "more" on and further drill down. If they review LED bulbs I don't know about it. On more than one occasion I have given up trying to find a product and just Googled for reviews on other sites.

How many different TV's are …