1-10 photos every day starting in 2006

In 2006 I got a MacBook that had a built in camera. I close the lid to my laptop several times a day so having it take a picture every time I opened the lid seemed like an interesting idea. I knew I had to setup an automated system for handling this and one of the first things I did after getting the laptop was install the Sleepwatcher daemon. Sleepwatcher will execute $HOME/.sleep and $HOME/.wakup when the laptop goes to sleep and wakes up. Originally I had it just take a picture, but more often then not this took an absolute horrible picture. Using OS X's Automator tool I created a quick script to launch Photo Booth and take a picture. Photo Booth does the normal countdown (3..2..1) and the photos ended up much better as I can actually smile or even just get in the frame. And if not, the application was right there open and I could take a better one.

Over the years I have taken thousands of snapshots and thought I would share just a few from 2006-2009. As you might expect the vast majority of the photos are boring with the vast majority me just straight faced or smiling into the camera. But with taking so many photos you do end up getting some interesting ones.

Looking through my archives the oldest photo I was able to find was this one. It was taken in December of 2006, sadly I was playing with the effects and it is a horrible picture.

I had very long hair back then so it is amusing to see at how differently it made me look.

This was taken only a few minutes after I got my hair cut in April of 2007. Unexpectedly after having it be so flat it was just about impossible to manage and oddly mostly just wanted to point straight up.

And for the next week I had photos filled with funny hair

While most of the photos are of only me, numerous photos included friends in the background

At Trolltech my coworker Jesper hearing the Photo Booth beeping would often leap across the office and behind me just in time to get in many of the photos.

And some KDE devs at aKademy

And sometimes catching them by surprise when they would use my laptop, open the screen and it would take their picture

And our new shy kitten Bobbin

After a while I tried to incorporate objects into the photos to make them more interesting. This was a mixed result, but ended up with a number of photos of food in them for some reason.

This one in particular is special as it was taken on Christmas day so it is Jen's Christmas morning cinnamon buns.

I take my laptop with me everywhere. As a result I ended up with photos in various locations mostly by accident.

Our house in Norway


All over Italy including Pisa.



Trip to the mountains of Norway

Three of the many books that I ended up getting in the photos.

And at time I just needed a camera and used the laptop because I had it there in my hands.

Squirrels fighting on our deck

Beating Super Mario World

A crazy rain storm approaching like a wall across the city

My last photo taken before moving back to the US.

And when I would get hurt that got documented like the rest of it

One of the results of an evening of playing paintball.

When I broke my hand there was three weeks of photos with the cast.

After the cast came off and my hand was a big green and plenty swollen still.

And getting burned in Norway after visiting Trolltunga

Sorting through the photos is a bit overwhelming as there are just so many, but here is a few that stood out for one reason or another:

How did I even take this one?

The last photo from 2009

I am glad that I did not try to get the exact same shot day in and day out as I originally thought about doing. It was much more amusing to see photos of silly faces, friends, places and remember all of the random day to day life that I end up capturing. The iSight camera in my 2006 MacBook wasn't the best camera nor took very high resolution photos, but it easily made up for that deficiency by the simple fact that the alternative was no photos.

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