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1-10 photos every day starting in 2006

In 2006 I got a MacBook that had a built in camera. I close the lid to my laptop several times a day so having it take a picture every time I opened the lid seemed like an interesting idea. I knew I had to setup an automated system for handling this and one of the first things I did after getting the laptop was install the Sleepwatcher daemon. Sleepwatcher will execute $HOME/.sleep and $HOME/.wakup when the laptop goes to sleep and wakes up. Originally I had it just take a picture, but more often then not this took an absolute horrible picture. Using OS X's Automator tool I created a quick script to launch Photo Booth and take a picture. Photo Booth does the normal countdown (3..2..1) and the photos ended up much better as I can actually smile or even just get in the frame. And if not, the application was right there open and I could take a better one.

Over the years I have taken thousands of snapshots and thought I would share just a few from 2006-2009. As you might expect …