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World Smallest Transformers

In 2003 Takara released a Transformers toy line that has been dubbed by the fans World Smallest Transformers or WST for short. They are fully transformable two inch tall versions of a bunch of the classic 80's toys. Due to the size and small parts they were only ever sold in Japan. Not too many were made and they were very hard to come by and to make matters worse they were sold in unmarked boxes so you never knew which toy you received. Also there was a different ratio for each toy in the master box making it difficult to collect them all while in the process getting a ton of the common ones. Googling around I was unable to find the ratio's for each toy, so I have put together a list of the toys with the ratios so the data will always be on the Internet.

Wave 1: (2003)
GTF 01A Convoy A (aka Optimus Prime truck cab) 8/48
GTF 01B Convoy B (aka Optimus Prime trailer) 2/48
GTF 02 Lambor (aka Sideswipe) 12/48
GTF 03 Starscream 6/48
GTF 04 Bumble (aka Bumblebee) 12/48
GTF 05…